Chittorgarh City

Chittorgarh is a city in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. It is located on the banks of the Berach River and is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Chittorgarh was once the capital of the Mewar kingdom and is known for its majestic forts, palaces, and temples.

Apart from the fort, Chittorgarh is also known for its temples. The Kalika Mata Temple, Meera Temple, and Sanwariyaji Temple are some of the famous temples in the city. Chittorgarh is also home to the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a great place to explore the natural beauty and wildlife of the region.

Besides, the city has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its music and dance forms. The traditional dance forms of Ghoomar and Kalbeliya are very popular in Chittorgarh. The city is also famous for its handicrafts, including textiles, pottery, and jewellery.

Chittorgarh has a hot and semi-arid climate with extremely hot summers and cool winters. The best time to visit the city is from October to March when the weather is pleasant. The city is well-connected by road and rail to major cities in Rajasthan and the rest of India.

Top 5 places to visit in Chittorgarh:
  1. Chittorgarh Fort: This majestic fort is one of the largest forts in India and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known for its stunning architecture, intricate carvings and historic significance.
  2. Vijay Stambh: Also known as the Tower of Victory, this magnificent 9-story tower was built in the 15th century to commemorate the victory of Rana Kumbha over the Sultan of Malwa. It offers stunning views of the city from the top.
  3. Kirti Stambh: Also known as the Tower of Fame, this 12th-century tower is a seven-story structure adorned with intricate carvings of Jain figures. It is an important pilgrimage site for Jains.
  4. Rana Kumbha Palace: This palace was the residence of the legendary Rajput king, Rana Kumbha. It is known for its stunning architecture and beautiful frescoes.
  5. Meera Temple: This temple is dedicated to the famous mystic poetess and devotee of Lord Krishna, Meera Bai. It is known for its beautiful architecture, intricate carvings and religious significance.


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