Bikaner City

Bikaner is a city located in the northwestern region of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is the fourth largest city in Rajasthan and has a population of around 700,000 people. The city is surrounded by the Thar Desert and is known for its rich history, royal architecture, and vibrant culture.

Bikaner is also home to several festivals and fairs that showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage. The Camel Festival, held in January every year, is a popular festival that celebrates the importance of camels in the desert region. The festival includes cultural performances, camel races, and a showcase of the best breeds of camels.

Here are some of the top tourist places to visit in Bikaner:

  1. Junagarh Fort:

Junagarh Fort is a magnificent fort built in the 16th century by Raja Rai Singh. The fort showcases a perfect blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture. The fort has several courtyards, palaces, temples, and pavilions. The most notable attractions of the fort are the Anup Mahal, Ganga Mahal, and Chandra Mahal. The fort also houses a museum that displays an impressive collection of weapons, paintings, and antiques.

  1. Karni Mata Temple:

Karni Mata Temple, also known as the Temple of Rats, is a unique temple dedicated to Karni Mata, a female sage who is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Durga. The temple is famous for the presence of thousands of rats that are considered sacred and are worshipped by the devotees. The temple is also an architectural masterpiece with intricate marble carvings and silver doors.

  1. Lalgarh Palace:

Lalgarh Palace is a magnificent palace built by Maharaja Ganga Singh in the early 20th century. The palace showcases a fusion of Rajput, Mughal, and European architecture. The palace has several halls, courtyards, and gardens. The most notable attractions of the palace are the Sadul Museum, which displays a collection of vintage cars, photographs, and paintings, and the Shri Sadul Museum, which showcases the life and times of the royal family.

  1. Gajner Palace:

Gajner Palace is a grand palace located on the banks of the Gajner Lake. The palace was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh and was used as a hunting lodge. The palace showcases a unique blend of Rajput and European architecture. The palace has several suites, halls, and dining rooms. The palace also has a wildlife sanctuary, which is home to several species of birds and animals.

  1. Bikaner Camel Breeding Farm:

Bikaner Camel Breeding Farm is a unique farm located on the outskirts of the city. The farm is famous for breeding the best camels in the country. The farm also has a museum that displays the history and culture of the camel in Rajasthan. The farm also organizes camel safaris, which is a great way to explore the desert landscape of Bikaner.

In conclusion, Bikaner is a city with a rich history and culture. These top tourist places in Bikaner offer a glimpse into the grandeur and beauty of the city.


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